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Pure, sustainable ocean wild salmon, halibut and black cod.   Sugpiaq Alaskan Seafood are cleaned and flash-frozen quickly after harvest, preserving its fresh-caught quality perfectly! Generations of living by Alaskan fishing grounds allow us to choose the highest quality and obtain the highest standards on the market.

Alaskan ocean wild seafood eat naturally organic wild marine organisms from our icy, pristine waters.  No hormones, additives, GMO’s or farmed salmon.

World class chefs and naturopathic doctors recommend Sugpiaq for the purity of our products. We are stewards of our Alaskan waters and Sugpiaq is an authentic, genuine Alaskan seafood company.

“For most, seafood is an industry, to me, a sugpiaq, it is part of my heritage, culture and lifestyle”. Isabella – President

  • MSC certified sustainable
  • Alaskan Native Certified
  • Sun’ami Tribal Council Member
  • HAACP Certified

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